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Young mother Clara (Zoe Kazan) heads to New York City with her two sons in order to escape her abusive cop husband. When her car is impounded, Clara and her family must face the realities of life on the street.

Elsewhere in the city, lonely ex-con Marc (Tahar Rahim) is looking to rehabilitate his life running a Russian restaurant for eccentric proprietor, Timofey (Bill Nighy).

At her lowest ebb, Clara finds through encounters with others that she’s not alone; Alice (Andrea Riseborough), a kindly ER nurse and amateur therapist, and Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones), a young man struggling to find somewhere to belong, prove to be Clara’s unlikely guardians by providing refuge for her and the children at Timofey’s restaurant.

From unexpected coincidences and the kindness of strangers, the most surprising of outcomes can flourish. As the unlikely group come together and Clara and Marc begin to fall for one another, they all discover that liberation and hope lies in each other’s hands.